New Recording for UpComing Album

Going back to my electric blues style, here is a new recording of a blues song that will be released on the new Album (Coming Soon).

What does a Resonator Guitar sound like

Here is a little example of me playing my Johnson Resonator Guitar

Help Me Create More Music – Become a Patreon

Ive been touring now for over 10 years or so and my life has been all about music, that’s all I know, that’s who I am, I love it, I like creating music and playing live, I love making people happy.

So the reason for writing this is that Im moving forward with the times, the new way that music is presented and the new way that musicians are surviving.

Playing shows, recording albums, releasing music has changed over time, it doesn’t make money for the musician to sustain what they do to keep going, I have done this for such a long time now and I’ve noticed each year that goes by it’s getting harder and harder for musicians to survive in what they do, we are doing all this independently these days.

So here we are at, I was thinking of ways to make money doing what allowed me to give music Back to you, I see other bands and artists doing same thing, this is a new way for me so lets see what happens.

I have been playing music all my life, I was born a shy quiet introverted type of person and my way of expressing was through music, through guitar playing. I also did take up a few timbale lessons, but I was too distracted by the guitar. I taught myself how to play guitar as a young kid, ever since then i found who I was, I used the guitar as my voice to express to people in society how I felt or for expressing some sort of emotion and a lot of people had connected with that in me. So that’s who I am, that’s what I do and I’m still trying to do that today and will continue doing this till the day i drop dead.

It’s been a hard road, and the reason I’m doing this is that the music scene has changed a lot over the years, I wish I was playing music back in the seventies and eighties where people come in droves to venues to gigs etc, anything to listen to music, to buy merchandise, or to buy records to support the artists. These days no one buys CDs, sales are dropping so much because there is no CD players in technology anymore, (a New computer has no CD drive in it). So the scene is changing, the technology is changing, what do people do? they don’t even buy digital downloads mp3’s, that’s even dropping off, So the new thing out is streaming music, everyone is streaming music from so many different websites and I can tell you musicians don’t really see much payment from this at all.

Us musicians have to find other means to make money to do what we do to give the music back to you guys, we do get paid for playing live venues but that is a very minimal amount of money these days (so many reasons for this also), travel costs, driving hours and hours between venues, fuel costs, accommodation, repairs on the tour van etc. and thats only one side of it, theres also rehearsal, recording, production fees, musicians to pay etc. this list can go on and on. Usually the money we do make goes back into the music to try and keep it moving forward.

Bands and lot of artists all around the world are trying to find a way to continue to write music to record music and to release music, how do they do that now? with help from you guys, this new way of sustaining us musicians to continue what we do is to have a subscription-based system, it’s not like a GoFundMe site or a Kickstarter site, it’s an ongoing subscription based service that you will be supporting us to continue to write, to continue to play, to continue to create music to give to you so you can listen, watch and enjoy. We love music this is all we want to do in life to just create music for you.

The enjoyment I get is seeing you enjoying the music that I give, that’s the connection we have, I love to give and that’s what makes me feel good its my drug playing music to you, and you give me that feedback helping me give more, Its like a snowball affect.

So become my Patreon, it’s an ongoing support that you just pay whatever you choose monthly, you can pay anything you like it’s up to you, and if you choose to do that and help me you will have have all these benefits and perks (rewards). I have a whole list of things that you can get, from all my albums to unreleased recordings, videos, Demo songs etc, lots of things that is not released to the public, you will also have an inside scoop to it all before anyone else plus more depending on how much you want to subscribe to each month.

Its a way to bring you guys closer to me and my music personally, I want you to feel a part of the music, feel like you are keeping music alive, I can’t wait to make this thing one big family. I thank you so much, I hope you get what you need out of this as I will definitely get what I need to help produce, create music and play music for YOU, So I hope you get on board and I thank you all very much.

Back with a vengeance tour north Qld run

It’s been quite some time since I’ve hit the road traveling the country filling your ears with some blues/rock/slide guitar driven noise, and now it’s that time again with a new lineup. After playing a few festivals and some shows here and there it’s time to bring this new three piece band on the road for a good run of shows, we will be starting of on a north Qld run from the Gold Coast to cairns. We hope the old rusty tour van will survive the journey, but what the heck! we will have to take the risk just for the love of bringing the music to you.
Check out our tour dates, also if anyone near our travels would love to put a roof over our head for a few days in between shows that would make life a little easier for us, as 3 smelly musicians cramped in a tour van without air conditioning can be like FARRRKKKKK……HEEELLLPPP……

Hope you can make it to one of our shows.

If you need a reminder of when we are in your area you can track me on Bandsintown app it will send you a notification when we play a venue near you, its an awesome app if you love going to see live music.


Giving away my recordings for FREE ??


Giving away my recordings for any price $0 – $???
What is music worth to you? would you pay money to download songs from your favourite artists or bands, or would you be more inclined to download it for free?
In todays world there is so much music everywhere, and its very easy to pirate music of the net, or even stream the music for free, so why would we still want to buy the music ??

Why is so important to use a pop filter for a stream? The obvious pro of streaming with a pop filter is the reduction in plosives in the microphone and overall improvement in audio quality.

As a recording and touring artist myself the income form CD sales and music sales do help me in so many ways to continue making and delivering more music for you, but I also understand that not everyone will pay for music these days. Its a totally new world in the music industry today and its tough.

So heres my thing, I have decided to let you choose what my music is worth.
You can download all my recordings for free or if you think you would like to pay something for it you can name any price.
The choice is all yours.
Where would we be without music, keep it alive.
Visit the Shop and choose your downloads then edit the price to whatever you feel.

Hope you enjoy


Blues on Broadbeach Festival

The Adam Hole band will be playing a few shows at Blues on Broadbeach, Don’t Miss out on this great free festival

Thursday, May 19th, 2016
1:50 PM to 3:05 PM
Broadbeach Mall Stage (ADAM HOLE BAND)

Friday, May 20th, 2016
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Niacin Plaza (Acoustic Set)

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Broadbeach Tavern (ADAM HOLE BAND)



Voodoo Child (Big Return)

Cuts Like an Axe – Adam Hole Band on tour

Slide guitar musclerocker Adam Hole busts his band out west to Roma!

Irish McGann’s Roma hosts a double date with Adam Hole Band way out west on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th May.

Adam Hole with drummer Dominic Willimott and bassman Stuart Ingram joins the mayhem (it’s May, hey) of rock that won’t stay quiet.

Australian Guitarist/Songwriter Adam Hole lets rip with high energy, raunchy slide guitar – stomping, dirty blues built on rock. Described as one of Australia’s leading solo blues guitarists in Chris Johnson’s latest book “Guitar – The Australian Story”, Hole is a wild man on lapsteel guitar, Resonator guitar, and electric guitar, all amped up to sound big and fat, with the band’s extra thumpy beat. Loud 70s rock/blues and a touch of hillbilly picking – birthed when live music was the real deal. A taste of Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Tom Waits joins the muscled man’s songbook along with some fine intricate picking originals. Just like on his recent cd Adam Hole Collection Volume 1. A new band album is in the pipeline.

Adam says: “I grew up as a very shy kid who did not know how to express my feelings verbally and I felt very awkward showing my emotions – I felt like I was very alone in my own world. But I remember hearing my dad playing some old records of Cream – ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ and that song had a very powerful riff that just made me feel good. I wanted to recreate that feeling myself by playing guitar. Since then I have become addicted to playing the guitar, I felt like I was not alone anymore and I belonged to something. Playing lead guitar and listening to lead and slide guitar really digs down very deep into my soul, all my emotions come pouring out, it can make me cry, it can make me happy, it can make me excited, it’s the only way I know how to really express myself. Without my guitar I am nobody.”

Although focusing in 2016 on sound recording and guitar tuition, Adam and crew are ‘‘going out west’’ (a Tom Waits song you just might hear at a show) on a road trip from their Gold Coast base to revisit Roma. It’s been a while. Adam Hole, rising from the ashes of “Monster Guitars” (duo with Mark Easton) is hungry to thrash out some big rock numbers with the boys. Come see the noise and flying strings.
Adam Hole at Irish McGanns’ Roma on Friday 6th May and Saturday 7th May from 9pm. Bring your ear straighteners as they will get seriously bent around the best earhole burning sounds around anywhere.

Adam Hole Band, Its Tour Time


Back With A Vengeance Tour 2016

Well it’s been quite some time since these guitars have burnt holes in your ears, with this last year hiding in the back ground focusing on sound production, producing for other projects and finding myself again, it’s now time for me to bring my heart and true passion back into life. As you might know or not know the only thing that fuels me is the vibration of strings travelling through my fingers and the sound to my ears creating an emotion a language that has no barriers. I will be back with a vengeance in 2016 touring the country and playing festivals, so get on board and enjoy the journey with me. !!!



We Need Your Help To Stay On The Road

Help keep Monster guitars (Adam Hole & Mark Easton) back on the road so we can deliver our music to you…. it’s been a tough few months for us, as you might or might not know I (Adam Hole) tore my bicep tendon when on tour, I needed surgery ASAP with the cost of $7000 to get it repaired, and after 2 months of healing and not touring things got a little tough financially, Now that we are ready to hit the road again our trusty old tour van needs help too, he has a broken engine and needs rebuilding. Our mighty old Hiace Commuter has been doing many kms around the country for the last few years delivering us, our instruments, P.A gear and also allowing us to sleep across the front seats when we have no where to stay for the night. But the poor old van is sick and needs a new engine. As I am a ex-mechanic I will be rebuilding a second hand Diesel engine to keep the price down low but it will still be a little costly, we are asking for your help in funding to get the tour van back healthy again to keep Monster Guitars delivering the best music to you, your pubs, your parties and festivals.

Thank you for all your support, we are nothing without YOU.

I will be adding more PERKS soon

New Album Released on iTunes

Old Man

Monster Guitars – I Just Want To Make Love To You

Monster Guitars – Voodoo Child

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