Cuts Like an Axe – Adam Hole Band on tour

Slide guitar musclerocker Adam Hole busts his band out west to Roma!

Irish McGann’s Roma hosts a double date with Adam Hole Band way out west on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th May.

Adam Hole with drummer Dominic Willimott and bassman Stuart Ingram joins the mayhem (it’s May, hey) of rock that won’t stay quiet.

Australian Guitarist/Songwriter Adam Hole lets rip with high energy, raunchy slide guitar – stomping, dirty blues built on rock. Described as one of Australia’s leading solo blues guitarists in Chris Johnson’s latest book “Guitar – The Australian Story”, Hole is a wild man on lapsteel guitar, Resonator guitar, and electric guitar, all amped up to sound big and fat, with the band’s extra thumpy beat. Loud 70s rock/blues and a touch of hillbilly picking – birthed when live music was the real deal. A taste of Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Tom Waits joins the muscled man’s songbook along with some fine intricate picking originals. Just like on his recent cd Adam Hole Collection Volume 1. A new band album is in the pipeline.

Adam says: “I grew up as a very shy kid who did not know how to express my feelings verbally and I felt very awkward showing my emotions – I felt like I was very alone in my own world. But I remember hearing my dad playing some old records of Cream – ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ and that song had a very powerful riff that just made me feel good. I wanted to recreate that feeling myself by playing guitar. Since then I have become addicted to playing the guitar, I felt like I was not alone anymore and I belonged to something. Playing lead guitar and listening to lead and slide guitar really digs down very deep into my soul, all my emotions come pouring out, it can make me cry, it can make me happy, it can make me excited, it’s the only way I know how to really express myself. Without my guitar I am nobody.”

Although focusing in 2016 on sound recording and guitar tuition, Adam and crew are ‘‘going out west’’ (a Tom Waits song you just might hear at a show) on a road trip from their Gold Coast base to revisit Roma. It’s been a while. Adam Hole, rising from the ashes of “Monster Guitars” (duo with Mark Easton) is hungry to thrash out some big rock numbers with the boys. Come see the noise and flying strings.
Adam Hole at Irish McGanns’ Roma on Friday 6th May and Saturday 7th May from 9pm. Bring your ear straighteners as they will get seriously bent around the best earhole burning sounds around anywhere.

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