Giving away my recordings for FREE ??


Giving away my recordings for any price $0 – $???
What is music worth to you? would you pay money to download songs from your favourite artists or bands, or would you be more inclined to download it for free?
In todays world there is so much music everywhere, and its very easy to pirate music of the net, or even stream the music for free, so why would we still want to buy the music ??

Why is so important to use a pop filter for a stream? The obvious pro of streaming with a pop filter is the reduction in plosives in the microphone and overall improvement in audio quality.

As a recording and touring artist myself the income form CD sales and music sales do help me in so many ways to continue making and delivering more music for you, but I also understand that not everyone will pay for music these days. Its a totally new world in the music industry today and its tough.

So heres my thing, I have decided to let you choose what my music is worth.
You can download all my recordings for free or if you think you would like to pay something for it you can name any price.
The choice is all yours.
Where would we be without music, keep it alive.
Visit the Shop and choose your downloads then edit the price to whatever you feel.

Hope you enjoy


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